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About the Company

Precision Lightworks exists to provide 3D urban modeling and visualization technology to commercial, local government, and federal government users. We specialize in the creation and utilization of 3D urban models. Our flagship product, Nverse Photo, is a fast and accurate interactive urban modeling tool. Nverse Photo is image-based, allowing users to quickly model extensive urban areas from large coverage aerial or satellite photographs. Its versatility allows it to be used by individual graphical artists creating architectural flythroughs and by teams doing large-scale urban model production. Nverse Photo is a refreshing, more effective, affordable alternative to tedious stereoscopic digitization.

The principals, Mark Boss (Air Force Academy '88, Georgia Tech '93) and Ellery Chan (MIT '81), bring many years of experience in computer graphics, digital image processing, visual simulation, software development, and mathematics to the mix, plus a dedication to providing innovative and practical solutions to working with large geospatial datasets.

Precision Lightworks was founded in October, 2000, with headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.